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The Heart of God
This book is designed to share the heart of God for the fatherless and stories of children, mothers, and mentors who have been impacted by Christian mentoring. Read The Heart of God and watch videos »
Our Ministries
Our Long Island based Christian ministries allow us to mentor children, create a community for single mothers and bring the light of Christ to incarcerated young men and women. Learn more about our ministries »
Become a Mentor
Christians have a clear command to care for orphans, and there are many ways to get involved. Our hope is that you begin to see the face of Christ in these children. Learn more about mentoring a Long Island child »
Support Our Work
Whether you choose to mentor an at risk youth, donate money or help us spread the word about the work we're doing, your efforts can make a difference. Learn how you can impact the life of a child on Long Island »

The Fatherless Epidemic

“Epidemic” is a strong word, but not strong enough to depict what is going on in our nation. 34% of all babies born in this country were born to families with absent fathers. Learn more »

Why Mentoring Matters

A problem that is caused by the loss of a primary relationship – e.g. a missing Dad – must be addressed and solved, by the establishment of new, positive personal relationships. Learn more »

Children's Stories

In Psalm 68:8, God claims fatherless children to be His. Poverty, abuse, neglect, exposure to bugs and other health risks, are the norm. Here are some of their stories.. Read their stories »

Sponsor a Child

A majority of the resources given to Long Island Youth Mentoring are contributed by donors who pledge a monthly sum to support one or more kids. Please consider making your donation. Learn more »

Donate with Time or Money

Help Long Island Youth Mentors make a difference in the lives of at risk children.
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The Heart of God

I was recently invited to attend a meeting of pastors and social workers who run...
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The Master’s Putt For Youth

Help us fund the mission of caring for the fatherless in Jesus’ name.  Three...
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Fatherless Day

I worked in the Nassau County jail, in a very large dorm-like room with just over one...
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‘A Father to the fatherless is God…’

God came to us in Christmas through Jesus so that we can have a relationship with...
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